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  1. What is the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE)?
  2. Who is DARE for?
  3. Why was DARE set up?
  4. What does “reduced points” mean?
  5. Which colleges take part in DARE?
  6. How many places are there for DARE students each year?
  7. What disabilities are eligible for consideration for DARE?
  8. Who screens DARE applications ?
  9. What guidelines are used to assess applications for DARE?
  10. How can I apply to DARE?
  11. How do I know which supporting documents to provide?
  12. Who are the accepted Medical Consultant/Specialists and how old can reports be?
  13. I have a full psycho-educational assessment completed by an appropriately qualified psychologist but some of the information that is needed for DARE is not in the report. Do I need to get a full report completed again?
  14. What are the application and closing dates for DARE?
  15. What happens if my application is late?
  16. What happens after DARE applicants are assessed?
  17. I’ve been told I’m ineligible but I think there was some mistake in the assessment of my application – what can I do?
  18. What happens if I am offered a place in college through DARE?
  19. I have a disability but am not ineligible for DARE. Will I get any support in college?
  20. I have a disability but think I may also be eligible to apply to the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR). Can I apply to both schemes?
  21. I am a mature student. Can I apply to DARE?
  22. I am ineligible for DARE – can I request a recheck of my application?
  23. What are the grounds for requesting a recheck?
  24. Can I submit new information to support my recheck?
  25. I made a mistake in my original application – can I fix the incorrect details?
  26. I wish to have my application rechecked but I don’t have computer access?
  27. Who will decide on the merits of my recheck?
  28. When will I know the outcome of my recheck?
  29. I am eligible for DARE. What happens next?
  30. What happens if my recheck application is unsuccessful?
  31. Can I get support from the Disability Support Service at college if I am not eligible for DARE?
  33. I have been told that I am eligible to be included in the DARE scheme. Does this mean that I now have an exemption from doing Irish/another language in my Leaving Certificate?

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