G.I. unit at Crumlin Hospital

Crumlin Hospital Entrance

Below is a leaflet from Crumlin with advice for attending Crumlin G.I. Clinic as an outpatient

Information Leaflet for Patients attending GI clinics
Professor Bourke / Dr Broderick / Dr Quinn / Dr Hussey

Arriving at the hospital :

• Please arrive at the time specified on your appointment letter and check in with the reception staff. Clinics are held in the Medical Tower, Entrance 2.

• If you are unable to attend on the specified date, please contact 01 – 4282528 or 01- 4282535 to change the appointment. If you do not ring in advance to change the appointment, there will be a delay of several months before another appointment is available.

• Allow extra time for car-parking which can be very busy. If parking near the hospital please ensure you park legally as ticketing and clamping are in operation.

• Please advise the reception staff if there are any changes to your contact details.

Your clinic visit:

• Please note clinics are very busy and delays can be expected as each child is seen by the team and the

IBD affects more than one person with the diasease,  at the G.I. unit in Crumlin the family is treated as a whole!

IBD affects more than one person with the diasease, at the G.I. unit in Crumlin the family is treated as a whole!

consultant. Please allow for extra time when attending the clinic (e.g. making arrangements to have other children collected from school etc).Please bring items which you may need e.g. snacks, drinks, infant feeds, nappies, toys and games. A coffee shop is also available within the hospital.

• Before you come to clinic, please check with your chemist or GP to see if you need a repeat prescription. If you need a prescription, please tell the doctor at your outpatient visit. If this is not done at the clinic visit you will need to contact your GP for further prescriptions.

• Please bring all your medications with you to each clinic visit.

• It is helpful to write down any signs and symptoms which your child has had, and any questions you want to ask the doctor.

• The doctor will advise you when you need to be seen again e.g. in 3 or 6 months. It is your responsibility to make this appointment at the reception desk before you leave the hospital.

If you experience any problems with adequate staffing levels or facilities and resources while your child is attending Crumlin G.I. unit email us info@gutsykids.ie

G.I. Administration services

All requests for support letters – medical cards, department of education/state exam support letters etc – are dealt with on 1st Friday of the month and requests for such support must be submitted in plenty of time.


Useful Numbers for Crumlin, G.I. Unit Clinical Nurse Specialist Ph: 01 4096100/Bleep 876/01 4282593 Appointments 01 4282535 Prescriptions 01 4282535/01 4282589