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Who are we?
We are parents of children and teens with IBD (inflammatory Bowel Disease). Our aim is to provide information and raise awareness of this disease rapidly increasing in Ireland. As a community let’s make a difference for our kids with this lifelong disease.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease what is it?

Inflammatory Bowel Disease {IBD} is a term used to describe ulcerative colitis (UC) and crohns disease (CD). both of these conditions are caused by inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract(GI). An inflamed intestine is red, sore and often has ulcers present.

In many ways UC and CD are similar to each other; however they differ in that in CD, the inflammation can occur anywhere from the mouth to the anus, however in UC only the large intestine (colon) is affected.

IBD can cause pain, diarrhoea, constipation, bleeding and other problems for children. Some children have a lot of symptoms and may miss some school because of their illness.

Others have few problems with little or no interference in their lives.

Crohns Disease(CD)

Crohn’s disease is named after an American doctor called Burrill B Crohn who first described the condition in 1932. It causes inflammation in one or more parts of the GI tract. It can occur in any part of the GI tract and from time to time different parts can be affected. it commonly affects the large intestine and the lower part small intestine. It causes inflammation, deep ulcers and may cause scarring to the wall of the intestine. CD is sometimes associated with other inflammatory conditions affecting joints, skin and eyes.

Ulcerative Colitis(UC)

Ulcerative Colitis affects the rectum and the large intestine (colon). inflammation and many tiny ulcers develop on the inside lining of the large intestine resulting in diarrhoea which may contain blood. Crampy tummy pains and an urgency to use the bathroom also may occur. If the inflammation is only in the rectum it is called Proctitis.

At Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin, we have cared for many children with IBD and are frequently asked questions about the disease.

The aim of this information is to try to answer these questions and hopefully to help you to understand what IBD is and what we can do to help you live with this condition.

Karen O’ Driscoll & Mary Hamzawi
Gastroenterology Clinical Nurse Specialist at OLCHC